Our specialized service workshop meets the highest standards. Not only our customers demand these high standards, but also our suppliers for whom we carry out the warranty. Desired adaptations of machines and customer-specific modifications are carried out with extreme precision. Moreover, our qualified employees are always available in case of any breakdowns. We also provide maintenance and all service work on power tools, machines and installations.

Special construction and machine modifications.

The strength of the company Electrotool is its flexibility. If your desired machine or installation is not available, it can be custom-made by our mechanical engineering department.

Your wishes are concretely transformed into products when it comes to:
- MPS supply roller conveyors, discharge roller conveyors
- MPS measuring system, manual stop system
- MPS measuring system, automatic stop system
- MPS positioning systems, automatic
- MPS infeed and outfeed conveyors for machines
- MPS loading and unloading warehouses in front of and behind machines
- MPS chip removal and extraction units at machines
- MPS cooling and lubrication systems, micro dosing system or oil atomizers
- Customer-specific controls
- Measuring system manual and automatic

Stop systems

Roll tracks