application DIA 52 W

  • Precise drill holes in reinforced concrete, marble, sandstone, natural stone and tiles
  • Drilling through-holes for pipe and power lines or drillings for reinforcing bars
  • Installation holes for stair and bridge railings or fences
  • Drilling anchor holes
  • Plumbing and heating installation
  • Gardening and landscaping, stonemasonry work
  • Steel and metal structures, facade construction

Features DIA 52 W

  • Drilling holes with dia. 8 – 42 mm with pinpoint accuracy, drilling depth up to 600 mm
  • Vibration-free and low noise drilling
  • Trouble-free drilling through reinforced concrete
  • Quick release system for rapid core bit change and drill core removal
  • Safety clutch with anti-lockup system
  • Precise preselection and constant control of water flow rate
  • Water-saving precision metering
  • Screw-in auxiliary handle for non-fatiguing, back-saving posture when drilling downwards
  • LED display for performance monitoring and service planning
  • Rapid changeover from hand-held to stand mounted drilling
  • Electronic for constant speed control
  • Speed infinitely adjustable with adjusting dial
  • Reliable water extraction with optional WSET 42150 or WSET 42300 water collection unit
  • Electronic overload protection and soft start

Order-No. DIA 52 W
Standard specification: DUSS diamond core drill DIA 52 W with PRCD safety switch, side handle, additional handle,
Teflon spray, tool case.

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Extra information

product specifications

Rated power

2000 W

Machine weight

6.1 kg


Quick release system

Rated speed

3000 - 4000 rpm

Drilling range with diamond core bit, hand-held, wet

dia. 8 - 42 mm

Drilling range with diamond core bit, stand mounted, wet

dia. 8 - 42 mm