Applications Hakhamer PK160 A

  • Demolition work
  • Producing breaches and openings
  • Chiselling work
  • Cleaning up surfaces

Features Hakhamer PK160 A

  • Replaces a pneumatic breaker in many cases
  • High demolition performance, light weight and balanced weight distribution
  • Trigger lock for continuous operation, ensuring non-fatiguing work
  • Perfectly harmonised percussion mechanism for precise work and highest reliability
  • Active vibration damping (RVA), ensuring comfortable continuous use
  • Screw-in, vibration damped auxiliary handle for non-fatiguing, back-saving posture when chiselling downwards
  • Vibration damped D-handle
  • LED display for optimum service planning
  • Compact, robust design with aluminium and magnesium housings
  • Automatic chuck with integral no-load impact damping
  • Dust guard for prolonged service life
  • Electronic for constant impact rate control
  • Impact rate and impact force infinitely adjustable with adjusting dial
  • Robust, 22 mm hexagon chuck for extra-long service life

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Product specifications

Rated power

1300 W

Machine weight

9.8 kg


22 mm hexagon

Single impact energy

10 - 18 J

Impact rate, adjustable

1200 - 2200 impacts/min

Chiselling performance in hard C45/55 concrete with pointed chisel

approx. 475 kg/h

Vibration data chiselling - normal setting

8.7 m/s²

Vibration data chiselling - compressor setting

7.7 m/s²