Hakhamer PKX4 A

Application areas for the Hakhamer PKX4 A

  • Cutting plaster and tiles
  • making trenches
  • general chiseling work
  • surface renovation
  • chipping of openings
  • precise finishing

Advantages of the Hakhamer PKX4 A

  • Can be used continuously for long periods thanks to active vibration damping (RVA)
  • Vibration-reduced D-handle
  • Pneumatic percussion optimally matched
  • effortless work through switch lock
  • electronic constant stroke rate
  • stepless adjustment of the number of blows and impact force with the switch or adjusting wheel
  • chisel positionable in 20 positions
  • maintenance-free through permanent lubrication

Order-No. PKX 4 A
Standard specification: DUSS PKX 4 A chipping hammer, D-handle, tube of grease, tool case for machine and tools.

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Product specifications

Rated power

820 W

Chopping power* with pointed chisel

ca. 135 kg/h

Stroke energy

0 – 8,4 J

Number of strokes

0 - 3200 strokes/min

Machine weight

5,4 kg

Tool holder


Vibration Value

normal use: 7.3 m/s²