Hakhamer PKX7

Hakhamer PKX7

DUSS Hakhamer PKX7


The Hakhamer PKX7 is ideally suited for chipping away finish coats, removing joints, carving out trenches, touching up surface finishes very accurately, exposing steel reinforcements and chipping tiles. In addition, the DUSS PKX 7 features an optimally tuned pneumatic impact mechanism and a locking button for effortless operation in continuous use.

The DUSS PKX 7 features effective vibration damping and LED service indicator. Another advantage is that the switch lock ensures that you can continue working without tiring quickly. In addition, the impact force is infinitely adjustable with the electronic switch and the machine is maintenance-free due to permanent lubrication. The screw-in additional side handle allows you to relieve your back.

Application areas Hakhamer PKX7

  • Cutting plaster and tiles
  • Cutting trenches
  • general chiseling work
  • surface renovation
  • chipping of openings
  • precise finishing
  • Advantages PKX 7
  • Can be used continuously for long periods thanks to active vibration damping (RVA)
  • Screw-in vibration-absorbing additional handle for a back-friendly working position in vertical use
  • Vibration-reduced D-handle
  • LED display for optimum maintenance planning
  • consistently high motor performance thanks to optimized motor cooling
  • optimally matched pneumatic percussion
  • switch lock for effortless operation
  • electronic constant stroke rate
  • infinitely variable adjustment of stroke rate and impact force with setting wheel
  • chisel positionable in 20 positions

maintenance-free thanks to permanent lubricationStandard specification: DUSS Hakhamer PKX7, D-handle, additional handle, tube of grease, tool case for machine
and tools

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Product specifications

Rated power

1150 W

Chopping power

ca. 280 kg/h

Stroke energy

5 – 10,5 J

Number of strokes

1500 - 2900 strokes/min

Machine weight

7,3 kg

Tool holder


Vibration Value

chopping, normal use 6.7 m/s², vertical use 4.7 m/s²