MPS 2000 roller conveyors

The MPS 2000 roller conveyor is optically closed and universally applicable. The roller conveyor is available in sections of 1.5 and 2 meters. The standard roller width of 355mm can be adjusted to 500mm (MPS 5000). You have the choice between plastic and metal rollers. The standard PVC rolls offer a load capacity of 75 kg/mtr. With the galvanized steel rollers, a load capacity of 150 kg/mtr is realized. If you choose a bright steel rollers then a bearing capacity of 300 kg/mtr is realized.

Available colors are:

  • RAL 7001 machine gray
  • RAL 7011 anthracite grey

Extra options MPS 2000 roller conveyors:

  • 60° coupling
  • Standard coupler
  • Rear guide
  • Rear guide rollers
  • Material support (fold away)
  • Tilting worktop at 1 or 5 degrees
  • MPS stop system

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