MPS 7090 roller conveyors

The MPS 7090 roller conveyors are open and universally applicable. The roller conveyors are available in lengths of 2 meters increasing with sections of 2 and 3 meters. The standard steel roller has a width of 700mm and realizes a load capacity of 600 kg/m. The roller conveyor is adjustable in height between 650 and 1,050mm.

The standard rollers in the 7090 tracks have a wall thickness of 3mm.

The  version has a roll with a wall thickness of 6.3mm and a load capacity of up to 1200KG per meter.

Available colors are:

  • RAL 7021 Black Grey

Additional options MPS 7090 roller conveyors:

  • 60° coupling
  • Standard coupler
  • Backing
  • Material supports
  • Roller track plate
  • Extra rollers
  • Heavy duty rollers (Ø89x 6.3mm)
  • Extra support
  • MPS stop system

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