The Wisent LZ215 is a simple manually operated bandsaw machine. Thus, the machine clamp must be closed manually, the machine has a manual saw feed and a manual saw arc lifting. The LZ215 comes standard with an integrated coolant system. The powerful motor (3Ph/400V) in combination with the carbide saw frame ensures a smooth transmission of the saw blade and an accurate cut.

The Wisent LZ215 comes complete with:
– Bi-metal M42 saw blade
– Base cabinet
– Coolant system

All Wisent sawing machines can be expanded with MPS roller conveyors and MPS measuring systems.

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Additional Information


Round 90°

150 mm

Square 90°

120 x 120 mm

Rectangle 90°

200 x 120 mm

Round 45

120 mm

Square 45°

90 x 90 mm

Rectangle 45°

130 x 90 mm

Product specifications


3Ph / 400Volt

Engine power

0,6 / 0,85kW

Cutting speed

2-speeds 40 / 80 m/min

Clamp opening

215 mm

Coolant System


Miter device L+R

0 – 45°

Saw blade size mm.

2.060 x 20 x 0,9

Weight approx.

220 kg

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