The WISENT LZ300RHA is a robust semi-automatic hydraulic stationary band saw with a capacity of Ø255mm. A fully hydraulic sawing machine with an infinitely adjustable sawing feed. Integrated cooling fluid system. Round rotating saw table and double sided miter, 45º left and 60º right. The steel machine base is manufactured in one piece. The machine is equipped with a 1.5kW 400Volt motor with 2 cutting speeds 35 – 70 m/min. A vibration-free saw frame with carbide precision saw guide and with ball bearing guide.

Quick approach Wisent machines

Easy and fast operation of the sawing machine. The quick approach and the start sawing are mounted in one operating lever. Push button quick approach in the saw bow lowers to the material to be cut. Release button quick approach and press start sawing. The sawing cycle starts from this point.

All Wisent sawing machines can be expanded with MPS roller conveyors and MPS measuring systems.


Semi-automatic (hydraulically controlled) bandsaw machines are characterized by automatic closing of the machine clamp, automatic saw feed, automatic saw arc lifting and automatic opening of the machine clamp.

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Additional Information


Round 90°

255 mm

Square 90°

255 x 255 mm

Rectangle 90°

310 x 160 mm

Round 45° L

185 mm

Square 45° L

180 x 180 mm

Rectangle 45° L

170 x 230 mm

Round 45° R

180 mm

Square 45° R

170 x 170 mm

Rectangle 45° R

140 x 220 mm

Round 60°

115 mm

Square 60°

115 x 115 mm

Rectangle 60°

115 x 160 mm

Product specifications


3Phase / 400 Volt

Engine power

1,1 / 1,5 kW

Cutting speed

2 speeds 35 / 70 m/min

Clamp opening

310 mm

Coolant System


Miter device L+R

45° – 0° – 60°

Saw blade size mm.

2.750 x 27 x 0,9

Working height

1.050 mm

Weight approx.

400 kg

Article number