The Erlo SE25 is a robust gear driven table drill-tapping machine with drilling capacity up to Ø25mm and tapping capacity up to M22. The Erlo table drills are of professional quality, have a rigid construction and are low maintenance. The machine is standard equipped with adjustable depth stop. The drill base (270x270mm) is standard equipped with 2 slotted holes M14 for fixing the material or machine clamp. The drill head is height adjustable and 360° rotatable. The Erlo SE25 is gear driven with manual feed.

The Erlo SE25 comes complete with:

Machine light
Protective cover with micro switch

Gear drive
Gear-driven table drilling machines have the advantage that they are much stronger and have a better transmission compared to the V-belt driven table drilling machines. All Erlo geared drills are equipped with an adjustable depth stop.

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